Another quick weekend trip! Like I mentioned in my previous post, a guy Nate works with wanted to Paris and Amsterdam before he left to go back to the states, so naturally, we tagged along for this quick weekend too. Why not, right? Amsterdam is only 5 hours from us! Living here in Stuttgart is amazing, a lot of popular big cities are only a 5-7 hour car ride away! Rough life, I know!

Well, here is Amsterdam. It was a really fun city. It is on the top of my “favorite places” list so far!

This was the view from our hotel window!

IMG_8352 IMG_8355


A photo of us four on one of the many canals that run through the city


We stopped by the Heineken Brewery to do a quick tour, sample some beer, and find a few souvenirs!



We had to stop by the Red Light District, which is a whole other world!


We got up the next morning and found a cute little cafe on the canal to have breakfast at and relax a little before driving home.IMG_8406IMG_8404


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