Let me start this post by saying, this trip was a dream come true. Literally. My whole life I have wanted to visit Ireland, sight-see, meet family I’ve only heard about, see where my grandparents lived and where my Dad was born. When we found out we were moving to Europe, Ireland was top on the list of visiting. Although we flew into Dublin (it was much cheaper), we rented a car for a day and drove to Belfast. We had a couple things on our list to do for that one day.


First stop, The Titanic museum. If you know me, you know I have a really odd obsession with Titanic. Always have, probably always will. Anyway, that obsession was satisfied a little when we walked into the museum. The museum is actually located where the ship was launched from in 1912.


We took a tour of the museum and it was absolutely fascinating, to say the least. If you are ever in Belfast, take this tour! It’s self-guided so you take as much or as little time as you need. It gives you all the history behind the ship builders, the history of Belfast, the details on the ship setting sail and also, its unfortunate sinking. It’s interactive and even has a motorized ride in the middle of the tour! We had a great time!


First Class Room…


Second Class Room…


Third Class Room…


We could have stayed here a lot longer than we did, but we had more things to do. We finished with some treats from their cafe! (The scone was good, but not better than my Nanny’s!)


Our next stop, was my families house. Here’s the thing about Irish people. You tell one, or in my case, two people you are coming into town and they tell 15-20 people you are coming and 15-20 people show up to meet you and your husband and even have a welcome sign. Now, that’s what I call family and a good time!


I was fortunate enough to meet some of my second, third, and fourth cousins, and even got to meet my dad’s aunt. It was THE coolest thing to meet these people who I have only ever heard about. I am so glad I was able to finally meet each and every one of them!



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