Let’s be honest…Could that picture be any more beautiful?

While we were wanting to bask in the sun in southern Europe for our Labor Day holiday, we decided to bypass the expensive rates at the time and the overload of tourists and head North. Way North! We chose to visit 3 countries in one weekend because, why not? We are only here once, so might as well do as much as possible. To my surprise, it was EXTREMELY easy to get from one country to the next. We chose to bus it, but train or even plane would have worked as well.

Our first stop was Copenhagen, Denmark. This vibrant city is the most visited city in Scandinavia. Did you also know that Copenhagen outranks Amsterdam on the number of people who travel by bicycle? That blew my mind. After seeing Amsterdam twice, I didn’t think there could be more bicycles in one place. But man, was I wrong.

Bikes everywhere!


Like we do in most cities (where it’s offered) we take the free walking tour. We usually use Sandeman because they have proven themselves to us time after time and because they have the most knowledgable guides! This tour took us to the major sites of the city in three hours, and as an added bonus you shed a few calories while exploring the city.

Our tour started at City Hall Square. Although there was a lot of construction around Copenhagen, it was still a beautiful city to explore!



Half way into our tour we had to take a pit stop and grab a Carlsberg Beer. Carlsberg brewery was founded in Copenhagen in 1847 and is now one of the top places to see when visiting the capital city.


Copenhagen’s marble church



Our last stop in Copenhagen was to visit the Little Mermaid. This little bronze statue is one of Copenhagen’s most famous landmarks. It was a gift to the city and inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s (who grew up and died in Copenhagen) fairy tale about a mermaid who gives up everything to be with a young prince on land. Sound like a familiar movie?


Saying goodbye to Copenhagen was difficult. The weather and the friendly people made us want to stay and have a few more beers!


Next stop: Gothenburg, Sweden…

K to the T


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