Continuing our Scandinavian weekend, our next stop was Gothenburg, Sweden. Unfortunately, it rained for the few hours we were there, but we made the most of it and got to see the majority of the city and eat some amazing food!

August 2014-September 2015 868

Personally, when traveling, I love looking for the most fun and quirkiest hotels possible. I think it makes the whole experience that must better! In Gothenburg, I found a stationary boat to stay on. (See more pictures here) I was a little nervous, because Nate tends to get sea sick from boats, but you couldn’t even tell you were on a boat unless you stepped outside.

IMG_0886August 2014-September 2015 845

Typically, we try and take the free walking tour in each city, but here we decided to not plan anything and just explore the city on our own. While waiting for the down pour to pass, we stopped in to a little Swedish café to get dry and warm up a little.

August 2014-September 2015 858

Gothenburg is known for their fish market, where you can purchase all types of seafood delicacies that were caught that day! Talk about fresh! If only we could have brought some back with us!

August 2014-September 2015 860

August 2014-September 2015 866August 2014-September 2015 864

After the fish market and seeing all the good food, we heading towards the city center to find lunch. Nate wanted to try the fish but I needed to try REAL Swedish meatballs. Ikea has nothing on the ones I had here. O.M.G.! They we so delicious! His fish was pretty good, too! 😉


IMG_0892 (1)


At the end of the day, the rain passed and we got to see some sun in beautiful Gothenburg!




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