When we first got to Germany, I was constantly looking at pictures in Europe seeing where I wanted to go for our next trip. When I stumbled upon Hallstatt, Austria, I knew I needed to go. You will see what I mean after looking at some of these breath-taking photos. Ever since I found this place, I have always seen the iconic picture attached to it (see below). Summer, fall, winter, it is ALWAYS gorgeous. When my in-laws told us they were planning a trip out here, I knew I needed to add this to the itinerary. What a great opportunity to see it while sharing it with family.

image1 (5)

A little Austria village in-between mountains. A stunning little town.

When we pulled into the city you can’t help but see this trolley car that takes you directly up the side of a mountain to a view worth a million dollars! Seriously, just look at these photos!

October 27, 2015 1019

image1 (4)

We got to eat lunch at the top of Hallstatt while looking at this amazing view! We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather!

We weren’t in Hallstatt but an hour or two. We will definitely have to make a trip back here someday!


image2 (3)

K to the T


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