Porto, Portugal. Honestly, Portugal was never really on my “list”. I  never really had any interest in going until, you know, you see someone’s pictures on social media, and it suddenly makes its way to the top of your list. Well, that was Portugal for me, and it didn’t hurt that it was dirt cheap to fly there! So, in October we made our way to Porto. Portugal was a very different place for me. I imagined something completely different from what we actually saw. I imagined nice weather and beaches, a relaxing atmosphere and a language similar to what I can understand (Here I am thinking Portuguese is practically Spanish. Boy, was I wrong!) Six of us traveled to Porto, which made for a very fun weekend, nonetheless. My friend, Kelsey, was in town visiting us and we were planning this trip while she was making her trip details, so I asked her and her friend if she would like to join us. Two guys Nate works with also joined us!

October 27, 2015 971
Looks like a picture out of a magazine, doesn’t it?


We spent 3 days in country and 2 1/2 out of the three, it rained. It was a bummer, because the first afternoon we were there, the sun was shining, and drinking wine over the Douro River, was a surreal setting. We landed in the early afternoon and caught a quick train to the city center to make it in time for our wine tour. I would recommend this walking wine tour over and over. We used Poncho Tours for this one. We got to tour Croft winery and enjoy three glasses of Port wine.

October 27, 2015 973

October 27, 2015 975

The Port wine is typically enjoyed as a dessert wine, because it is so sweet and rich! It was fun spending the afternoon trying different Port wines and learning the history behind it all.


This is my friend, Kelsey, and her friend, Anran, enjoying our wine with the Douro behind us!

The next day, we put all our rain gear on and headed out for the free walking tour. We walked all over, got rained on, and got to try some authentic Portuguese food.

image1 (3)


The famous, francesinha (pictured above). This was the most delicious thing I have ever eaten, BUT, I could only eat a few bites because it was so rich and heavy. A francesinha is a sandwich made with bread, cheese, ham, cheese, steak meat, cheese, sausage, cheese, topped with bread and then covered with a tomato beer sauce and served with fries. So, in other words, a heart attack waiting to happen. But a really, really, delicious one. 😉 If you ever get to Porto, ask a local where you can find a good one! Don’t miss out on this!

To end the trip, the 6 of us climbed to the top of Porto, and got this dysfunctional photo.

image1 (2)

I can’t say I am in a hurry to go back to Porto. Portugal is another story. We have heard numerous good things about Lisbon and southern Portugal. So, if the price is right, we may be back to Portugal sooner than planned!



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