We visited Triberg, Germany, for the second time right after Christmas with our friends while they were in town. Luckily for us, Triberg’s Christmas Market doesn’t start until Christmas Day and runs through New Years, so we were able to walk through the magic at Germany’s tallest waterfall. If you haven’t been to Germany for a Christmas Market, do yourself a favor, and add it to your bucket list. It’s like walking through a fairy tale. Although there was no snow in the Black Forest at the time, it was still as gorgeous as ever and the waterfall was just as powerful as the first time we saw it a little over a year ago.

image1 (10)

Our friends, Antonio and Kendra, came to visit us over New Years and we got to take them to a few places. New places, and some we’ve already been, but places we had to show them just because we fell in love the first time around, i.e., Triberg!


After walking through the waterfall, we had to stop and have a piece of Black Forest cake. The first time Nate and I had it, we weren’t very impressed by it. It tasted like taking a shot of rum. Although, this time around, it was very, very tasty. We thoroughly enjoyed it. But, by the looks on their faces, I’m not sure if Kendra and Antonio did! 😉

image1 (11)

We didn’t spend very long here, just stopped to see the waterfall, take a few pictures, see the world’s largest cuckoo clock, and have some cake. It was a short, productive, fun little stop!






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