If you ever want to feel what the arctic feels like, move visit Finland. Everyone keeps asking, why Finland? My answer…why not? When we moved to Germany, we decided we wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity to travel Europe and beyond, and that my friends, is part of why we chose Finland. Another reason we went was to search for the Northern Lights, that apparently, are only for the lucky ones to see. 😉

We flew into Helsinki, the capital of Finland, only to find ourselves shivering and watching the sunset at 3:00 p.m. Nate’s words as we were landing, “Nothing about this place says warmth.” Boy, was he right! It was -6 when we landed with a wind chill of -16. BRRRR! Did you know that in the winter months Finland only sees about 5 hours of daylight? In the summer months, they can have up to 24 hours of daylight! Isn’t it SO crazy how our world works? We only had about 16 hours in Helsinki because we were catching a flight to Lapland (Northern Finland) early the next morning (to search for those dang lights). Once we landed, we caught a bus to the city center and walked around, finding a place to eat and warm up a bit! I forgot to mention…Nate broke his elbow the day before we left! Insisting we still go since everything was paid for, he did such a great job the entire trip. Not complaining once, maybe because his arm was frozen?!

image1 (15)
Downtown Helsinki

We wanted to walk around, with our map in hand, but they bitter cold was not our friend. We found a Mexican place to eat. Yes, a Mexican place in Finland. If you have ever lived in Germany, that type of food is non-existent there.

image2 (13)
My handsome dinner date, broken arm and all.

I did manage to get a few more pictures while we were there, before my hand froze!

Helsinki Cathedral


K to the T


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