Colon's Trip 135

Edinburgh, Scotland. What a cute city! Take me back! It felt like a mix between London and the Irish countryside for me.

We traveled to Edinburgh with our best friends who came to visit us over the holidays.

We wanted to stay right in the city center, preferably on the Royal Mile, which we were lucky enough to do so! I found THE CUTEST little 2 bedroom apartment right on the Royal Mile, literally, right outside our front door! It was perfect for the walking tour (duh, we did another Sandeman’s free walking tour) and for our trip to the Scottish Highlands, which both started from the corner of our apartment’s block.

Day #1

Since we arrived late the first night, we went straight to the apartment to get some sleep. The next day we were joining the walking tour, bright and early. Little did we know, when the weather app says 40 degree, it doesn’t account for the wind chill. Being on the water, with the wind in January, it was freezing. We did not pack for the temps! I think all four of us were frozen solid by the end of the tour. Although, we did get to walk around Edinburgh and see some of the main sights.

image1 (33)
When in Scotland- obligatory picture!


Colon's Trip 133
For all you Harry Potter fans, Victoria Street


Victoria Street


Colon's Trip 131
My favorites! Freezing our butts off!

After the tour we needed to warm up. We found the cutest little tea room called Eteaket (clever, huh?!), where we spent a good hour warming up over tea, clotted cream, sandwiches, and pastries!

image2 (29)

Colon's Trip 137
Isn’t he handsome?!

Day # 2

Trip to the Scottish Highlands!

image4 (15)

If you are ever in Scotland, take a trip to the Scottish Highlands. Whether it’s on your own or with a tour company, like we did, it will be worth every penny! It was breathtaking! I tend to book all our tours off of Viator (this is also the tour we did for the Highlands). Viator can be a little on the expensive side for some of their stuff, but I find that their tours are very well planned out and always take us to exactly what we’re wanting to see on a time crunch. The day tour took us to Loch Ness, Glencoe and the highest mountain in the British Isles, Ben Nevis.

Colon's Trip 152

image3 (30)

image1 (36)

As mentioned above, part of our tour included a stop to Loch Ness, in hopes of spotting, Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. No sightings while we were there. Maybe next time!

image3 (29)
Loch Ness

As our tour came to an end, our guide pulled over for one last picture opportunity as the sun started to set behind the mountains.

image1 (34)
Mother Nature at her finest!

We got to see this beautiful place with our closest and dearest friends! It was a dream!

image4 (16)

K to the T


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