Favorite tour company

Everyone always asks us how we’re able to see so much while visiting places on such a time crunch. The answer? Simple! Viator.com. I wanted to tell you all how much I really, REALLY like this website. (I am not working or promoting for them, I just genuinely love this website). Viator makes traveling, for me, a lot easier and a lot less stressful. I stumbled upon Viator after we moved to Europe while trying to find a tour company for our first big trip to London. Viator happened to come up first and I really liked what they had to offer. Personally, I think Viator is a little on the expensive side at times, but after booking multiple trips with them, every penny spent has been worth it for what we have been able to see because of them.

…and the list goes on!

Viator is a global company who seeks local tour companies to partner with while offering the traveler the best experience possible. The website is easy to navigate. You simply type in the country you’re traveling to and then the city and it will pull up all the available tours, with days and times. Is this making sense why I love it so much? What I like most about Viator is the one set price in the beginning. There are no hidden fees (except for tips at the end, but that is a given, seeing your tour guide was up to par!) and mostly important what you see is not always all you’ll get! 😉 Let me explain. Let’s take my favorite tour thus far: Cliff of Moher, day trip from Dublin. Find it here. This day tour says it simply takes  you to the Cliffs of Moher and the Irish countryside. Great, that’s what we want to see! We spent our nights in Dublin, so this tour fit us perfectly. They picked us up at the crack of dawn in Central Dublin. Once the group of about 20 people checked in, we took off. Our tour guide told us a little about himself and then started right in with the Irish history, stories and jokes! It was fantastic! After a little while of him talking and explaining how the day would go, he turned on the Irish music, which really helped set the mood for the day ahead! After visiting the Cliffs, he took us to the little town of Doolin. Had it not been for him taking us to a restaurant off the beaten path, we wouldn’t have had the best Irish meal of our lives! As it states, food was on our own dime but it didn’t matter the price because the food was unforgettable! After lunch we started to make our way home, but not on the path we came. He took us on a coastal road for about half of our trip back to Dublin. Can you imagine the sights while listening to Irish music play in the background? Truly an unforgettable moment!

When we arrived back in Dublin, our tour guide pulled over and willingly sat and answered questions on what to do next from our entire group. Not only did he give us a delicious restaurant to have dinner at, but he also recommended places to go after! Needless to say, we had an amazing day all because of Viator.

So if this isn’t enough to help you decide which company to book your tours through, you can go to the website for yourself and read all the positive reviews!

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