Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre- Five seaside villages situated on the Italian coastline. These colorful villages will leave your jaw on the ground. The beauty of these little towns is one for the books! For our trip to Cinque Terre, we booked a day tour out of Milan (about a 3 hour bus ride with a few stops for snacks and bathroom breaks along the way). We booked our tour through Viator, my favorite tour company! All we had to do was sit back, eat, and enjoy the beautiful Italian views!

Our first stop was Portovenere where we were able to get off the bus and walk through the little town, which was packed full with tourists!



Sampling fresh pesto! 🙂


After walking around for about a half hour, we all boarded a ferry.



The ferry took us along the 5 villages, only stopping in the last and most popular village of Monterosso. If you google Cinque Terre, this is village that will come up. It is the most photographed village!


Here we got to have a few hours to explore on our own and grab lunch…and gelato. When in Italy, you HAVE to have gelato, right?!




My photographer!



If you haven’t been to Cinque Terre, add it to your list!

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