Besides Ireland, this was the only place on my bucket list in Europe before coming overseas. I knew I HAD to make it to these two places before leaving Europe. We were able to cross Sanorini off by having it be one of our stops on our cruise. For me and my husband, we were glad we only made a stop here. Santorini is absolutely gorgeous but depending on the day, it can be overwhelming with tourist from the cruise ships. While we were docked in Santorini, three other cruise ships were there. It sure is a busy place!

Once our water taxi docked on the island, we caught a donkey up the hill!



We both agreed at the end that was a bad idea on my part. 😉 Way to tight of a fit and so hot that day! But sure made for a fun story to tell!

At the top of the hill was the best view. The iconic Santorini photo!


I spy our ship!


Before arriving in Sanorini, I read about visiting the Black Sand Beach. Completely made of black lava rocks, this beach was paradise. This almost vacant beach, made for a relaxing afternoon of sun bathing and swimming!


My guy!
IMG_2070 (1)
Isn’t this something else?



We spent a good chunk of our day exploring this beach. Once the heat from the rocks was unbearable, we hailed a taxi and headed back to the top of the cliffs to grab some more photos and food before our ship headed out!



K to the T


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