Zugspitze-Germany’s Tallest Mountain

After three failed attempts due to weather, we finally conquered Germany’s tallest mountain. Although you can go to the top even when the weather is iffy, we chose not to because it is not a cheap excursion. Costing 50 Euro per adult and 4 Euro for dogs, we chose to wait until conditions were absolutely perfect before spending the money to cross it off our bucket list.

We have been to Garmisch (home of the Zugspitze) many times but the last three times we have wanted to get to the top. This last time we were there we had a perfect day for it. A clear, sunny day with a few scattered clouds had us in line first thing in the morning to get to the top of the mountain. Choosing your way to the top may be a battle depending on who you are with. You can ride the cogwheel train (my mom’s choice of transportation) which is the slowest ascending and descending way or you can ride the cable car, taking a mere 10 minutes (if that) to get to the top. OR if you are feeling really adventurous, you can hike your way up (that has now made its way to our bucket list). This time, however, we decided to take the cable car up and down. Like I mentioned in the beginning, Lena was able to ride with us for only 4 Euro. She loved sticking her head out the cable car window and letting her ears flap in the wind!

Going up!


What a view this adventure was! Going up, walking around, relaxing at the top and the ride back down. All of it was an absolutely beautiful view!


Hikers rejoicing they made it to the top!
Lena looking out over 4 countries- Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy



At the top you can grab a beer and/or a meal and enjoy the warm sunshine and the best view in Germany!

I had a pretty good view!


Once you are done at the top, you can wait in line to head back down to the town of Garmisch.


K to the T